Ruana is a FREE  Knit A Long starting August 22nd from 5-7 (first session)  this is strictly a must sign up in advance KAL and very popular.  There may even be a wait list by this point, so you must call or come in to reserve a spot.  There is homework, and the yarn must be from Smith’s.   This is the second time this KAL has been offered by our beloved Nancy Z. and I can tell you that you will not be disappointed with your finished product.  I made one during the last go around, and I promise you will have folks stopping you on the street to admire and fondle your warm and unique work of art.  No two were alike in our group, and I have included some snaps of the varied and lovely finished Ruanas.  Best of all, you can size them to fit your own unique shape with just about any yarn or yarns in the shop.  ALMOST…..check with Gail or Elaine to see what they recommend.  Personally I used a worsted weight and 3 different sock yarns to get the look I wanted….what will you choose?

detail of neckline
raverlry link  Pattern available for purchase at shop or via Raverlry.
Needed items….Yarn-again check with Elaine or Gail at the shop for aprox yardage.  Crochet hook to match the gauge of the swatch you choose.  There will be assistance in choosing this-bring what you have and there are hooks and needles for sale at the shop.
Markers-LARGE ones-not the teeny, tiny, delicate ones you use on socks.  Bring the big boys for this one and plenty of them.
Row counter, or old fashioned pencil and paper(you do remember how to use those, right?)
Your normal kit,  scissors, tape measure, whatever you use to pick up mistakes, etc.  What-you don’t make mistakes? Right………
Chocolate or other sweets prn……

Words of wisdom from our fearless leader Nancy…..
Swatches-you gotta do them.  Stop whining and face the fact that either you do a satisfactory swatch now or pull out 1550 yards of yarn later.  Simple-its your choice.
Do several good sized swatches-try a variety of needles. Cast on 16-20 stitches and do at least 4 inches. While the gauge doesn’t have to be exact to the centimeter, you are looking for the drape, softness and feel of the fabric.  If you are stranding two yarns-think about going up a size needle.  You want the fabric to drape nicely when you are wearing it-not feel like bulletproof armor.

And even though you have your yarn and have a to die for swatch and you just can’t wait to start……don’t do it.   Really.  Don’t even think about it. Nancy is going to show you a better cast on than the pattern shows. Take advantage of her having done this project a number of times. She is willing to impart her wisdom on us-come and learn some of the tweaks she has made to the original pattern.
Here are some of the ruanas from the last KAL-they were all different and all stunning……

Gail (left) and Sparkle (right) model their handiwork.  Lovely!


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